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Getting Started

1. Register with USA Hockey

— You must be 14 or older to register. Parents should complete the form for anyone under age 18. USA Hockey registration must be completed before any further steps can be done. It may take 24 hours for your registration to fully process before you can continue to the next step.

2. Register for a Seminar

— First time officials are required to attend at least the ice session in-person. Visit the seminar list and apply the following filters:
  • Course Level: Ref Level 1
  • District: AT
  • State: Your State

— Select a seminar that works with your schedule.

3. Attend a Seminar

— You will need a helmet and non-goalie skates for the on-ice session. Full referee attire is not required.

4. Review Online Modules

— Log in to your USA Hockey Courses Profile and locate your online modules. These modules and the rule book can be used to help you through the open book exam.


5. Take Open Book Exam

— Log in to your USA Hockey Courses Profile and locate the Open Book Exam link. It is strongly recommended that you do not complete the exam until you have finished your online modules and attended all parts of your seminar. You only receive one retake if you do not pass the first time.

6. Complete SafeSport Training

— Officials over the age of 17 must complete SafeSport training. A link for those who are required to train is provided in the USA Hockey Courses Profile or through this page.

7. Sign Up for Background Screening

— All officials who will turn 18 by June 1 must sign up for background screening. More information including how to sign up is available here. Pennsylvania officials have additional requirements handled through the same process.

8. Receive Card & Crest

— Once all prior steps are complete, a card and crest will be mailed. You can track the status of mailing through your USA Hockey Courses Profile. If the card and crest has not been mailed, you have an outstanding requirement. Review your profile and reach out if you need assistance.


9. Contact Local Assignor

— While waiting for your card and crest, reach out to your local assignor(s) via email and introduce yourself. A complete list of assignors is available here.

10. Skate Your First Game

— Prepare for your first game – a whistle, black helmet, half visor/shield, referee sweater, black pants/sweatpants, non-goalie skates are required. Go out and have fun! The Atlantic Affiliate is rooting for you.


Interested in signing up? Get more information.